Award winning Garageband loops in
Apple loop format

Are you looking to expand your Garageband loops beyond those that come with Apple's Garageband app? Well the Garageband loops packs from Tune-Up are exactly what you're after. Unlike many of our competitors, you won't find endless variants of the same loop filling our collections, our Garageband loops are written to be inspirational and individual. They not only enhance Garagebands basic loop set but bring it bang up to date too. We write them one at a time and treat each as a separate composition. This is why our Garageband loops are award nominated and award winning.

Each of our Tune-Up Select collections contain 175 unique and varied Garageband loops for just $9.99 each. Best of all, they are available at the click of a mouse with our instant download system.

Five key reasons why Tune-Up Garageband
loops rock!

Our Garageband loops are unique and crafted to be inspirational!

We dare to be different! We reject middle of the road!

Our unique indexing system makes finding our Apple loops easily
within Garageband!

Our customers love our Garageband loops as much as they love Garageband! Check out our comments page!

You can create whole songs with our Garageband loop packs!
Each contains up to 65 categories of Apple Loops covering multiple instruments!

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Inspirational Apple Loops for
Mac, iPad and iPhone Garageband

Whilst our loops are compatible with iOS Garageband you cannot download them directly to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The loops must be synced via iTunes on your Mac/PC.

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