Guitar Loops with a Twist.
Our Loops. Your Sound.

Tune-Up Guitar is a brand new pack of loops for Garageband and Logic. Whether you want to groove, rock or chill, Tune-Up Guitar has a guitar loop for you.

Tune-Up Guitar is broken down into 5 categories to compliment your own
compositions or inspire them.


The really really good bit...

The guitar loops in Tune-Up Guitar come both effected and uneffected.

For those wanting to simply 'drop and play', the preselected amps and sounds on our effected loops make for instant magical results.

If you want full creative control, our uneffected versions allow you to mold the sound you want. If you like a riff but not the amp sound we originally chose, simply load up the uneffected version and create the vibe you want.

Our uneffected loops are supplied warts and all, in mono, as they came off the guitar. By cutting, pitching and rearranging these loops you can create a never ending selection of grooves and riffs.

If you like to get creative with your guitar loops, these are the ones for you.


160 Guitar Loops in total:

80 Effected loops covering 5 categories:
Acoustic, Effect, Groove,Melody and Riff
All supplied in 44khz Stereo

80 Uneffected versions awaiting your effects, amps and sounds
All recorded in 44khz Mono


Whilst our loops are compatible with iOS Garageband you cannot download them directly to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The loops must be synced via iTunes on your Mac/PC.

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If you do not have a flash plug-in or are using an iPhone or iPad, please use the links below to hear our demos:

> Tune-Up Guitar Demo One
> Tune-Up Guitar Demo Two


Inspirational Apple Loops for
Mac, iPad and iPhone Garageband