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"...if you enjoy using GarageBand, don't pass this collection up"

The one I’m reviewing today is Tunemedia’s Tune-up Loops for GarageBand. there are some real doozys in here.

...Bass loops from Dark Bass to Sub Bass, they are well put together and can be used in just about any kind of project..

...Want drum loops? From mood changing Ambient and Electro Beats to the pumping R & B and Rock Beats, there is one to fill your mood.

...My favourite part of this collection is next. Guitars! GUITARS! Well, before I get too excited... THEY KICK! Tunemedia, in your next collection like this, GIVE US MORE GUITARS! Just a suggestion. These loops will scale nicely into any rock or rhythm composition you make. If you need more acoustic or electric guitars than these, consider using some of the Bass or Piano loops from this collection. Many of them convert them quite nicely...

Melodies... difficult to describe. Some sound like Asian bells and others put me in mind of the Exorcist theme, they sound cool and I would use these as a background sound to break up repeated rhythms...

...Pads sound loops. These are really neat. What these would be great for would be video projects for setting moods. Really good stuff.

Piano loops. All good and all different. The Chords and Melodies sets are particularly nice...

Last up, the Synth loops. Enough variety for most tastes. Synth loops are typically used to set rhythm and moods and there are plenty here to do both.

The collection taken as a whole however is a tremendous value... If you enjoy using GarageBand, don’t pass this collection up. Rating 4.5 out of 5. High on value! I’m looking forward to the next set in Tunemedia’s collection. - scored 5/5

"...I would use almost every one of them, that's unprecedented for me"

This collection focuses mostly on the electronica genre, encompassing dance, trance, house, bounce, chill, rave, etc. So there’s no country western on here but that’s the beauty of add-on packs like this, they can focus entirely on a particular genre of music and provide some genuinely useful and provocative loops, as is the case with Tune Up.

So how do you review a collection of individual loops? I decided to give an overall review in addition to my thoughts on each category, so here they are:

Bass: A lot of techno electronica loops but very tasteful ones, not just noise. There’s a strong sense of groove in this collection which I found very appealing. There are a few conventional bass sounds here but mostly the loops are the kind you won’t find by default in GarageBand. These loops are great, good variety and quality, and they’re enough to make anybody feel like a techno super hero.

Drums: Good variety of analog drum machine patterns and effected drums. They generally use chunkier and tastier sounds than Apple loops with a lot more variety. There are some ambient percussion loops too, to fill out your songs. Lots of distressed and distorted loops...

Guitar: Funky electric guitars are convincing though, melody guitars are very good, guitar rock really rock... if you need a good distorted rock guitar loop, it’s in here.

Melodies: Melodies are a small assortment of percussive synth melodies. They’re pretty nice, I like the way they flowed and wished there could be more of them.

Pads: A good number of ambient and dark pads, they’re full and well done. Big, open pads in wide stereo.

Piano: Some chord loops, some grooves and some melodies, this is what other loop packages I’ve seen have been missing. Both acoustic and electric pianos, and the melodies were beautiful. Almost worth it just for these piano loops.

Rhodes: Some classic Rhodes loops, chords for doing chill, and dirtier Rhodes for heavier styles. very well done.

Strings: There’s soft and hard attack string loops here, both low and high, Very well done and not synthetic sounding. The mellow loops are contemplative and expressive. Very orchestral and big. Pizzicato strings are effected and suited towards dance. Nice “tense” strings.

Synth: Large variety, excellent quality. Creative combos of percussion, chords, effects and tone. The loops here work with all manner of electronica sub-genres. There are synth riffs, melodies and sequences, and they’re all well done.

In fact, as I found myself listening to all of them, I realized I would use almost every one of them. That’s unprecedented for me, as I find a lot of loop collections to have a few good ones but a lot of standard or mediocre ones. This collection is different, and as I went through the drum and bass loops I noticed my head was nodding to the beat for almost every loop. There’s a lot to like in this collection, and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to expand your abilities in GarageBand, especially in the electronica genre.

"...the best yet from TuneMedia, and is not to be missed"

When TuneMedia recently announced that it would ship a second volume of its successful Tune-Up for GarageBand product, we had high expectations. Those expectations were exceeded when we received our review copy. Bottom line: this package is the best yet from TuneMedia, and is not to be missed.

Once again, the TuneUp series is marked by very appealing, unique loops that feature a lot of attention to detail, including panning or other stereo effects. We found that many loops from this collection made it quickly to our favourites area. As with many loop collections, Tune-Up contains a healthy number of electronic beats, basses, synth melodies, and sound effects. Our favorites, however, were the great Guitar loops and strings. The new "Asian," "soundscape," and brass loops are also excellent and innovative. The Piano Riffs were great loops of the sort we haven't heard elsewhere, but which are common in hip hop music and useful in many other styles. Even though we had our favorites, there are great loops in each of the various categories available, so it's likely you'll find many things of interest no matter which style of music you favour.

All in all, we think the Tune-Up is a great series of loops that would add some excellent spice to most any kind of music. If you create dance, pop, hip-hop, rock, or any related genre, Tune-Up will fit nicely in your bag of tricks... these loops are also a great bargain.



"...if your looking to extend your loop collection...don't go past this pack"

Got GarageBand? If you’re like me, you’ve probably made good use of the 1000 built-in loops. Sure, 1000 loops seems like a lot at first, but I’m willing to bet that you sometimes struggle to find just the right one for your masterpiece. If so, this pack may be your solution.

Installation was a breeze. Just like installing loops downloaded from the net, all you have to do is drag the loops folder onto the loop browser in GarageBand. After they’ve been indexed, you can access them the normal way, by choosing instruments and/or categories. Alternatively you can view them all by typing in a prefixed code in the search field, since TuneMedia gracefully decided to prefix the name of all their loops to distinguish them from the standard Apple Loops.

Perhaps one of the things that worried me most before I installed the pack was whether they would ‘play nice’ with other loops. I’ve had bad experiences with some loops I got from the Internet, and also with samples I tried to turn into loops. Some wouldn’t change key automatically, and others forgot which tempo they were supposed to be. Fortunately, there have been no such problems with the Tune-Up pack. I transposed, chopped, sped up and slowed down all without a hitch.

Another pleasant surprise I got when I started using the loops was the wide range of instruments and sounds. There are loads of categories for the loops, (standard ones like piano, strings, bass, drums, synths) but within these categories are many variations on the sound of each instrument.

In comparison to other similar packs on the market, Tune-Up loops is extremely good value for money.

If you’re looking to extend your loop collection with good quality loops but are on a tight budget, don’t go past these packs.



"The old creative juices start flowing and those loops just sound so sweet!"

When I started this review of TuneMedia's Tune-Up for GarageBand - I was determined to do a very methodical, almost clinical piece.

But then I loaded them into my GarageBand Loop Browser...I then started making a track! You can't help it - the old creative juices start flowing and those loops just sound so sweet! There is a nice array of Apple Loops in this collection, they all seem very musical and are mostly very well edited...

The loops are all prefixed with a code which is a great idea and makes it very easy to find them.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - and all I can say is that these loops are very tasty. They were a delight to work with and very musical. Often loops tend to sound great as a singular sound but don't quite gel with anything when you try and mix them into a song. No such problem with these babies. I had a lot of fun with them, creating fantastic sounding arrangements with no real skill needed.

The danger with creating pure Apple Loop songs is the chance is that they may be labelled "Lego" by your peers - this audio collection will leave a different impression. With more of a contemporary sound than the bread and butter default GarageBand loops. They will make a great asset for anyone making pop music in many of it's varieties.

Overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tune-Up to any GarageBand user. They represent excellent value for money and I am sure you'll be making music in no time and having a lot of fun in the process!

I am very much looking forward to more... but don't expect much of a review if it's anything like this one - I'll be having too much fun.


* All the reviews were based on Garageband Tune-Up Pack 1 and 2, our previous range that was mail order only. Our new range of downloadable packs, Tune-Up Select, are carefully blended from the same loops and therefore of the same quality. Reviews have been edited to reflect these changes.





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