Product Information


All Tune-Up Loops are created in the Apple Loop format. This makes them usable with any Apple Loop compatible package such as GarageBand, Soundtrack and Logic products.

All loops are recorded at 44khz and in Stereo. Apart from the Uneffected loops contained in Tune-Up Guitar which are 44khz and mono.


Compatible with Garageband on Desktop, iPad, iPod and iPhone.

The loops can also be used in packages such as Ableton Live and any other package that can utilise the AIFF format.

Downloads are zipped for ease of delivery.

Please Note: Whilst our loops are compatible with iOS Garageband you cannot download them directly to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
The loops must be synced via iTunes on your Mac/PC. Click here to learn more.


all orders are processed using paypal, no need to panic!

To make sure that all our customers and their payments are dealt with in a very secure manner we use Paypal. By using Paypal, you the customer are safe in the knowledge that TuneMedia never sees you credit card details or any personal information other than your email address. TuneMedia wants its customers to not only trust us but to come back in the future and buy further products.

If you have any questions or fears about using Paypal please query us using the contact form.

Download Delivery

We use payloadz to power our download system, because they're good!

Payloadz are one of the biggest online eproduct distribution sites. We are partnered with them because they make the process of downloading your purchases easy. Their system also allows you to keep track of your previous purchases.

How does a download work?

Once you have decided which one of our great loop packs you want simply click the buy button. You will then be asked to pay for your loops via Paypal. As soon as that payment is confirmed you will be taken to a confirmation screen informing you that your download is ready. Then you will be sent an email to the same address that you use for paypal which contains a unique link for your purchase. Open the email and click the link, a web page will open showing your purchase and a download link. You can download the purchase up to 5 times and the link will stay live for 10 days.

Can I be naughty with my download link?

No. The download link is for you only. Payloadz records the first IP address that downloads the purchase and monitors activity. If the link is abused payloadz and TuneMedia will take action against the purchaser. Be nice, it takes a lot of time and effort to create the loops and we do try to keep them cheap.

Can I re-download my purchases at a later date?

Firstly, we advise customers to backup their purchases. However, if you fail to download your purchase within the 10 days that your link is live or you need to re-download them again at a later date, don't worry you can still get your purchases. Click on the link below and fill in the details required, the payloadz system will display your purchase.

Because you will be asked for your Invoice ID to retrieve your purchase, we ask all customers to keep their invoice emails for all purchases for reference.

>> Click here to retrieve previous purchases


License Agreement

Installing Tune-up Loops for Garageband or its demos, enters you into a single user licence with its makers, TuneMedia. All rights of the maker and owner of this work are reserved. Unauthorized reselling, copying, hiring, recycling, renting of the loops, downable demo file, its name or artwork by any means whatsoever is prohibited. The product is licensed for you to use exclusively as part of the your musical creations i.e. don’t resell our loops unless they’re used in a musical composition. The loops can be used to create music that can be sold or used commercially. Any new loops created using these loops cannot be resold or distributed. If you make a big hit record using them, give us the odd small mention or at least some recognition. The producers cannot take responsibility for any direct or consequential loss that may occur when using this product.

TuneMedia 2012. Made in England.


Inspirational Apple Loops for
Mac, iPad and iPhone Garageband