Customer Comments

We previously ran a survey and asked our customers to give us a few words about their Tune-Up experience.
Below are some of our favourites:


"You guys just have the best stuff!... I find your loops to be awesome!!"

Michelle, USA


"I have gotten loops from many sources.. yours are the best for the money & quality"

Michael, USA


"The best i've heard... consistent high quality and attention to detail"

Eric, USA


"Fantastic loops! Great Price! Professional Company!"

Brad, USA


"Your not in tune unless you Tune-Up"

Kavon, USA


"A powerful addition to your Garageband resources!"

Dave, Sweden


"So many loops, it boogles the mind..."

Terry, USA


"The perfect set of loops to tune-up your Garageband"

Christian, USA


"Garageband's best friend"

Nicolas, Switzerland


"Garageband without Tune-Up, is like Apple Expo without Steve Jobs..."

Declan, UK


"It really enhances the whole Garageband experience!!!"

Dan, USA


"Just the kind of sounds I was after to inspire me"

Nick, UK






Inspirational Apple Loops for
Mac, iPad and iPhone Garageband